I found this bar at World Market and it was actually the packaging that caught my eye. I like how elegant it looks! My brother said he had tried Guittard before, but it was so long ago that he couldn’t remember what he thought of it. So I grabbed this bar since it had some apple flavoring in it.


First of all, I like the texture of the bar! Usually we see bars with a smooth surface, right? A textured surface was different.


During the first couple of bites, I just tasted creamy milk chocolate. Then I started getting some of the very, very light taste of caramel apple. I wasn’t sure what exactly crème fraìche dairy was, so I Googled it and read that it’s rich cultured cream with a creamy texture and tart flavor. I don’t taste any tart flavors in this bar, though I’m not sure if I’m supposed to. I’m very confused…

Overall, because this bar tasted creamy and very much like a plain milk chocolate bar, minus the very, very light caramel apple, taste, I liked it! Maybe I’ll have to try this bar again and see if the taste is any different regarding the crème fraìche dairy part.


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