I’ve seen jcoco every time I’ve gone to Wegmans, and I kept telling myself that I would try them at some point, but then I would just grab some other chocolate bar. Writing this choco blog has been awesome in that I have an excuse to just grab up something I’ve either had my eye on or never tried before so I can can about it on here. So I finally took the plunge and got a jcoco bar 🙂

First off, I really like the texture of the packaging of their chocolate XD Is that really silly to say? It’s smooth and I just want to hold the box all day!


I forgot to take a picture, but what’s written on the inside of the flap shown in the above picture is what makes me now really want to support jcoco:

“Our giving dream is to use what we do to make an important difference. Working with and tasting chocolate is pure pleasure, but more than that we love the way a shared indulgence connects people. We want to put connections at the core of jcoco.

That is why every time you purchase jcoco, we will give a fresh, healthy serving of food to someone who would otherwise go without. Now your indulgence makes a vital difference to someone in your community. And we think that’s beautiful.”

And of course you can find more information about that on their website, http://www.jcocochocolate.com 🙂 According to the packaging jcoco is based out of Seattle. Man, another awesome chocolate that’s coming from Washington state!


I think it’s really unique the way that jcoco presents their chocolate. Instead of having a large bar, it’s like they encourage portion control or keeping their chocolate fresh by having chunks of the chocolate separately wrapped. I like the pictures too 🙂 They’re cute and I wonder if an artist is being supported by their photos being on the wrappers.


I always like it when a chocolate bar has add-ins that you can visibly see 🙂 It looked like there was a nice ratio of chocolate to add-ins. With the chewiness of the coconut and delicate crunch of pecan, this was very enjoyable to munch on! The milk chocolate was a little sweeter than I was used to but it also melted in my mouth adding to the calm experience of indulging.

I would pick up another bar of jcoco, and I would feel great knowing that my purchase is helping others for good 🙂




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