If you’re still deciding on what to get a friend, family member or new date for Christmas that contains chocolate, doesn’t cost a lot but looks nice, Merci is what you need! Even though I’ve bought Merci for myself multiple times, I’ve received it from others as a gift, and I’ve ALWAYS appreciated it 🙂 Why? Because the quality of the chocolate isn’t bad, the price is awesome and it’s a variety pack! There’s going to be something that will please everyone here 🙂


So I just noticed that Merci was very clever. To make the packaging look more Christmasy, they just put a piece of paper over the original box making it appear like there’s a bow on there and called it a day. Simple, cheap and easy!


So I’m not going to rate all of the chocolates here because it’s a variety pack and I like all of them. I’d have a hard time choosing a favorite. But I will list what the flavors are:

Milk chocolate + almond + hazelnut

Dark chocolate + cream filling

Dark chocolate + marzipan

Dark chocolate + mousse filling

Milk chocolate

Coffee and cream (dark or semi-dark chocolate with a layer of white chocolate)

Milk chocolate + praline

Milk chocolate + hazelnut cream


Ok I admit it, even though I said I liked all of the flavors, I actually tend to eat the milk chocolate with almond and hazelnut pieces first whenever I open a box of Merci. And I actually hand the dark chocolate with marzipan to my boyfriend since I don’t like marzipan and he can tolerate it. BUT everything else I can definitely munch on. In fact, I already ate half of the box before I even wrote this post 😛 Now that I’m finished writing, it’s time to eat the other half XD


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