I remember wandering into an Aldi for the first time a while back and the first thing I saw was chocolate by this brand. I grabbed a few and tried all of them XD Fast forward to just recently and I saw Schogetten at World Market! They were put up on the shelves along with their other Oktoberfest items. I would have gotten some at that day and posted about Schogetten earlier, but I already had my hands full with other chocolate I was going to try out 😉


I don’t recall having tried Schogetten’s yogurt and strawberry chocolate. I can’t say it was a bar because all of the pieces were already separated. It makes eating the chocolate easier so your hands don’t get carnage on them from breaking apart the pieces 😉 Oh yeah, I do remember trying Schogetten’s milk chocolate with hazelnut and really liking it!


I always enjoy chocolate with strawberry in it 🙂 This chocolate was a bit tart from the strawberry pieces, but sweet from the yogurt and milk chocolate. Unfortunately that made eating all of the pieces in one sitting very easy XD Or maybe that’s not such a bad thing…

Dutch chocolate has become my top favorite kind of chocolate. German chocolate is close behind 🙂 If you’re wandering around Aldi or happen to find Schogetten, grab one to try out!

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