Vosges Haut Chocolat has some unique stuff! Ever tried chocolate with mushroom in it, or chocolate with ash? They have it! And I’ve tried both of those combinations a while back, though I can’t remember what my thoughts were on them 😛 I recall really liking their Blood Orange Caramel bar. I think that was the first bar I tried anything by Vosges. Check out their website and see if you can find some at your local Whole Foods or specialty chocolate store! They’re a little easier to find than other brands. I actually found these bars at World Market.


Matcha sea salt bar

I love any chocolate with green tea in it, so this was definitely worth a try! The sweetness from the milk chocolate, sea salt and matcha green tea taste pretty balanced in my opinion. I might have tasted more of the milk chocolate than anything else, but I’m glad that there’s not too much saltiness to it like a lot of sea salt bars out there. I definitely consumed this entire bar quickly 🙂 I recall that Vosges has a dark chocolate bar with match green tea in it. That one was a lot more bitter, so I like the sweetness of the milk chocolate better since matcha green tea is already bitter and I tend to prefer milk chocolate.


Mo’s milk bar

Who doesn’t like bacon? And if you like chocolate, why not put the two together?? I’m really glad that the first time I tried the bacon + chocolate combo it was by Vosges 🙂 They have both dark chocolate and milk chocolate with bacon bars. I chose milk chocolate. Already when I took a piece of chocolate out, I could smell the bacon! Once I bit into it, the smokiness and saltiness of the crunchy bacon pieces was almost overwhelming, but the chocolate helped keep the flavors grounded. If you have never tried bacon chocolate before and you want to expand your taste horizons, start here 🙂

If you are thinking about what to get your friends and family for Christmas and don’t know what to get, if any of them love chocolate and exploring different flavors, get them a variety gift set of mini Vosges bars. They can be ordered online. I’m already thinking of sending that to a fellow chocoholic who I know will love and appreciate it 🙂

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