While wandering through Harris Teeter, I naturally found myself in the chocolate aisle XD This particular Harris Teeter had some chocolate options that I hadn’t seen before at their other store locations. I had to choose only one bar knowing that I could easily pick up several others and then my basket would “somehow” become filled up with chocolate 😛 My  eye caught the word “granola” on this bar. I usually prefer granola bars with chocolate in them, so this time it was like vice versa of the chocolate having granola in it 🙂


I’ll be honest and straight forward. This was a “meh” chocolate for me 😦 There was a slight crunch of granola and I tasted a little bit of the cherry inside. The granola had a light, pleasant crunch, which I did like the best from this bar. I don’t think I could really tell where the almond was in the chocolate. The packaging says there’s almond inside, but I couldn’t seem to find it 😛 Maybe it was in such small pieces that it had the same consistency as the granola. I wish there were a few more cherries in it. Or maybe Sanders should have large dried cherries placed on the underside of the chocolate instead of mixed into the bar?


I can’t say I’d get this bar again. I would, though, recommend Kind’s Nuts and Spices Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Granola bar 🙂 It has a nice balance of the nuts and chocolateyness. I’d put a picture here but… I think I’ve eaten all of the ones I had 😉

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