Cocoa Vienna


Cocoa Vienna is a local chocolate store in Vienna, VA. When they first opened, I was so excited to try them out that myself and a couple of friends went there often. It was to the point where the people who had opened the store recognized us XD

In the entire DC area, I think they might have the best deal of good quality chocolate for a lower price. They have a nice variety to choose from. I LOVE their pumpkin truffle, so it was a great time of the year to pop over again. Because it had been a while since I had last gone to Cocoa Vienna, no one there recognized me 😦 But they had a couple of new chocolates to try!

Admiring the chocolates before cutting them open for pictures and consuming them 🙂


Smoked sea salt caramel

The sea salt bits were pretty large in size, so the first bite was pretty salty at first, but the smokiness was very nice and filled my mouth. The caramel texture was chewy and a little on the hard side, but the sweetness of the milk chocolate and caramel countered the saltiness and smokiness of the salt. I hadn’t tried any chocolates before with smoky sea salt, and this was quite different in a great way! I would eat a box full of these if I could and savor every bite 🙂


Pumpkin truffle

These. Are. Delicious! If you took a pumpkin spice latte, took out the coffee part, condensed the rest into a ball and dipped it into milk chocolate, this would be it! The very soft texture of the pumpkin filling reminded me of pumpkin pie. So, so good! I definitely recommend getting more than one if you can get your hands on these 🙂


Maple cream truffle

The maple flavor in this had a gentle sweetness, not like the overly sugary taste of store bought maple syrup. I could equally taste the milk chocolate and the maple flavor. The texture of this truffle was softer than the smoky sea salt caramel, which was great! I also highly recommend this one 🙂 The flavors made me think about being in the woods visiting Vermont and New Hampshire while admiring the colorful fall leaves.


Cheesecake ganache

In my first bite, I tasted more tartness from the cheesecake ganache than the sweetness of the white chocolate, but in my next bite the flavors from the white chocolate and the cheesecake filling were more equal. I’d actually like to try the cheesecake filling with milk or dark chocolate.


I highly recommend Cocoa Vienna if you get a chance! And if you’re on a budget, their chocolates look just as great as the more expensive boutiques, but won’t break the bank. I might even consider them as more family friendly as the atmosphere is laid back and they have chocolate covered Oreos and other chocolates that kids might find fun.

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