Usually whenever Dove chocolate comes up in conversation (which isn’t often), people chat about the familiar square-ish blocks of Dove chocolate with those little uplifting and encouraging phrases printed on the inside of the wrappers. I remember eating my way through a bag of these chocolates (wrappers don’t slow anyone down!) and I was disturbed by a message on the inside of one of them… I’ll just put the picture here and you can see why.

Dove you are delicious

Why did you have to be weird like that, Dove??? Are you saying that I’ve eaten so much chocolate that you think I’m supposedly appetizing? :/ I probably slowly put the wrapper and bag of chocolate down and walked away for a while.

Thankfully their bags of chocolate covered berries don’t contain any strange messages. I grabbed all three flavors that were available: dark chocolate covered blueberries, cherries and cranberries.

Dark chocolate covered blueberries.

I’m going to mention real quick that when I was taking pictures of the chocolate pieces themselves, they all looked the same. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the three except that the chocolate covered blueberries were smaller in size compared to the cherries and cranberries.

Dark chocolate covered cherries.
Dark chocolate covered cherries.

Also, when I tried to look up Dove’s website where they talk about their chocolate covered berries, their description for the choco covered blueberries was, ” Real Blueberries Dipped in Silky Smooth Dove® Dark Chocolate Sharing Size.” I don’t know about “Sharing Size.” I can eat a whole bag of these by myself XD

Dark chocolate covered cranberries.
Dark chocolate covered cranberries.

I can’t say I was blown away by Dove’s chocolate covered berries 😦 I wish I liked them more, but I have to say that when it comes to chocolate covered berries, I’d go for Brookside. Both Brookside and Dove’s chocolate covered berries cost the same at the grocery store, at least where I was shopping.

Dove’s tasted pretty sweet despite their claim of using dark chocolate and no, it wasn’t because of the berries because I could hardly taste any of the berry flavoring. I definitely got the chewy texture of the berries, but I mainly tasted the chocolate. With Brookside’s chocolate covered berries, there’s a better balance of bitter versus sweet, chocolate versus berry. There’s no such balance here with Dove 😦 If I could make some changes, I’d try to bring out more of the berry flavoring and maybe have the dark chocolate “darker” so it’s a little less sweet?

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