Williams Bennet


I was waiting in line to purchase some items, when my sister pointed this out to me. I decided, why not give it a try? I was feeling a little iffy on the decision because I’ve had chocolate covered Oreos before from Cocoa Vienna (a local chocolate store in Vienna, VA) and LOVED them, but those were freshly prepared. These were… probably sitting on the shelf for a very long time :/


But figuring that this was a little package and it wasn’t like I had anything to lose (except maybe if they disagreed with my stomach?), I thought I would give it a go.


The chocolate looked fine and didn’t have any of that white-ish powder that chocolate gets once it becomes old and no longer good. That was a good sign! The Oreo cookie itself didn’t taste stale or get mushy like old Oreos get. It was surprisingly alright!

I had my brother and brother-in-law try them out. They also thought these choco covered Oreos were ok. Neither of us were absolutely in love with them, so I’m sorry, Williams Bennett. I can’t say I would inhale another package of these :/ Maybe if I could try one right off of the manufacturing belt I’d change my mind. Just like how Krispy Kreme doughnuts are best right off of the belt 😀

I will say, I looked at Williams Bennett’s website and I read that they supposedly have chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies… I’ve gone through a phase of craving Nutter Butter cookies like crazy, so I’d totally be willing to give those a try!!

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