I remember first seeing Brookside’s chocolate covered berries in an ad on TV showing what looked like people attending a wine tasting and eating these chocolate covered berries on the side.  I don’t know if their message is that it’s best to drink wine with their chocolates, but I’m going to eat them as they are 🙂

A kind coworker gave me these bags of dark chocolate covered pomegranate and the clusters as a gift. A gift that I thoroughly enjoyed 🙂


I opened up the bag of chocolate covered pomegranate first.

Something about the tartness of the pomegranate versus the smooth dark chocolate made it easy to eat almost the whole bag in one sitting XD


This was my first time trying out Brookside’s clusters. I definitely like the light crunchiness! The crunchy parts are not hard on the teeth so you can enjoy the chewy texture of the fruit bits.

When it comes to the dark chocolate covered fruit pieces, I’ve tried all of Brookside’s flavors: pomegranate, blueberry and acai, and goji and raspberry. Out of the three I think my favorite is the goji and raspberry the best for their balance of sweetness and tartness 🙂 I like the chocolate covered pomegranate almost as much, but sometimes the tartness of the pomegranate makes my throat a little sore after eating so many of them XD

I really like the clusters! They would be great as a hiking snack, an on-the-go snack while running errands, or turned into a trail mix bar.

I hope Brookside will expand on their chocolate covered berry flavors and products!

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