I’m excited that this is my 20th post! Already it feels like not long ago I had written my first post about Toblerone 🙂

I’ve decided that in celebration, I’m going to talk about a chocolate that is special. It’s special because it’s one of my mom’s favorite 🙂

When I was first introduced to Baci, I was browsing a store with my mom when she gasped, got really excited and picked up a little box containing a couple of pieces of Baci. She told me that she had them before when she was younger and loved them!

When my parents moved further away and could only visit my siblings and I for Christmas, I decided I would give my mom some Baci every year as a part of my gift to her.


Baci contains some sort of ganache with hazelnut pieces and one whole piece of hazelnut (it’s that bump on top) all covered with a layer of dark chocolate. My guess is that the ganache might also contain hazelnut flavoring because when I pop a Baci in my mouth, it is flooded with so much hazelnut goodness 🙂


You know how Dove chocolate usually has a message of some sort on the inside of their foil wrappers? Baci does something like that, but instead of an encouraging or uplifting message, it’s a phrase that you can ponder upon. This one says in four languages, “Friends will forgive each other’s small defects. – Jean La Bruyère”

I would like to imagine that Baci is one of those chocolates that you slowly unwrap while lounging in a cozy space so you could savor the hazelnut flavors as long as you want and read the messages in each wrapper 🙂

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