Whenever I hear my mom talk about them, I immediately want to eat some 🙂

If you Google “lebkuchen,” you will see a blurb from Wikipedia talking about what lebkuchen is. From my understanding, it’s a type of German cookie (the packaging says “cakes”) that is similar to gingerbread. My mom, of course, introduced me to these goodies 🙂


The packaging here says that these are “Contessa” or “Contessa choco,” but they are basically lebkuchen.

With Christmas quickly drawing near and with stores starting to fill their shelves with Christmas things, I started keeping an eye out for lebkuchen. I knew that World Market carried them. Last winter I waited too long and they were sold out before I could get some 😦 But this year when I saw them first hit the shelves, I immediately grabbed a few. The only types I’ve seen there so far are what look like regular and chocolate covered lebkuchen.


For the regular lebkuchen, the glaze around the gingerbread parts give it a nice, light crispy texture. The gingerbread part inside is very soft.


These regular lebkuchen even have a layer of secret chocolate lining the bottom 😉


Of course, the fully chocolate covered lebkuchen are my favorite 🙂 The texture isn’t as crispy because of the layer of chocolate on top, but you definitely get more chocolateyness in your mouth which is always good for a chocolate lover! The flavors brings back to memories of Christmas get-togethers with my family 🙂

I highly recommend lebkuchen, especially for the holidays! Grab some if you can find them!

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