Scharffen Berger


I think the first time I heard about this chocolate was in an article where the writer was talking about how you could make your own chocolate bars by melting down some Scharffen Berger and then add some tea leaves, sea salt or other flavorings as you’d like. Not a bad way to customize your chocolate!

I’ve only found this chocolate at Harris Teeter so far, and usually I just find plain milk or dark chocolate, so I was super excited when I was able to find milk chocolate with coconut and macadamia and dark chocolate with pistachios!

By the way, in a previous post I talked about Karam Bitter, a dark chocolate bar with pistachios. I mentioned that I hadn’t seen any chocolates with pistachios in them except for that one. Well, ever since I’ve made that comment, I’m seeing dark chocolate with pistachio EVERYWHERE! Every place I’ve found chocolate I’m seeing a variety of brands that have dark chocolate with pistachios in them. I’m thinking, seriously?! Why couldn’t I find these before??

So, I looked up a little bit of into about Scharffen Berger and apparently they used to be their own little chocolate company that would actually make their own chocolate as opposed to using the chocolate from other brands and manipulating it for their own recipes. Then Hershey’s took over Scharffen Berger… sure enough the back of the wrapper says it’s from Hershey’s! I might have to rethink Hershey’s now 😛


Milk chocolate + coconut + macadamia

I keep repeating this, but I do tend to prefer milk chocolate for it’s sweeter taste than the bitterness of dark chocolate, though I am trying to make myself appreciate dark chocolate more 🙂 When I smelled the bar, I definitely got the macadmia, but when eating it, I tasted more coconut than macadamia. There was a slight crunch of the nuts, but I got more of the chewiness of coconut. Since I love macadamia, I wish they were in slivers or larger chunks. If you love coconut though and have a hard time finding it with milk chocolate (usually I’ve found it paired with dark chocolate), this one is for you!

Milk chocolate

Like many other milk chocolate bars out there, this was simple yet creamy and smooth. As a milk chocolate lover, I would definitely eat, like, many of these bars in one sitting XD

Dark chocolate + (sea salted) pistachios

Hmmm so when I smelled this bar, I definitely got dark chocolate, sea salt and sort of the pistachios. In the picture you can see that there are pistachios in there… but when I ate the bar, I mainly tasted the sea salt. The pistachio seemed more like a secondary flavor. Overall this was too salty for me 😦 More pistachios and less salt please!

Sadly I can’t say I was immediately hooked onto the bars with mix-ins 😦 I wish I liked them more! If I had to choose, though, I’d go for the milk chocolate with coconut.

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