You know when you are taking a long stroll in some beautiful scenery, taking it all in, feeling so peaceful… and then you get that snackish feeling? Like you can’t eat a meal but you need an energy boost or else you’ll keel over?

While wandering around the National Arboretum in DC with a couple of friends, we decided we needed to stop by the gift shop and get something to hold ourselves over. Of course, chocolate was needed!

I had heard of Chouquette and I know they have a store location in Bethesda, Maryland, but I have yet to stop by there. This was a chance to try one of their treats!


The cherry blossom decor on the chocolates looked so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat them. But since it’s chocolate, it’s destiny is to be consumed XD


I wish I had gotten a better picture of the caramel goodness oozing out. Better yet, I would have wanted to share these with you, dear reader, because the gooeyness of these chocolates was very delightful. It wasn’t too runny like some caramel chocolates I’ve tried, nor was it tough or too chewy. It was melt-in-your mouth texture. And you could taste some tiny chunks of sea salt floating around in the caramel.

The five chocolate pieces were consumed pretty quickly. I wish I could be eating more as I’m writing this post 😦 I need to get myself over to Chouquette to try more of their stuff!

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