Blüprint Chocolatier


Now that temperatures are starting to drop in my area, I can finally start to get chocolate from local shops and bring them home without worrying about them melting!!! I’m super excited because that means that during the colder months I can post more about the local chocolate shops in my area 🙂 For my blog I like to get the chocolate, take pictures, eat it and then post about it as soon as I can while my thoughts about it are fresh on my mind.

Regarding local chocolate shops, I’m starting with Blüprint Chocolatier in Old Town Alexandria.

They opened I think this past spring. My first time stopping by there was earlier in the summer, but it was way too hot then to carry around a little box of their chocolates. Blüprint makes their chocolates in the same building where they are sold.

Recently when I went, I grabbed a hot chocolate and a 4-piece box. I took the first picture above as soon as I could since the hot chocolate was not going to survive long 😉


This is the overall picture of what chocolates I brought home.


Chai with milk chocolate. I really like the slight spiciness of chai with chocolate.


Whiskey with milk chocolate. Normally I’m not a fan of chocolate with alcoholic flavorings since I usually find them to be too strong for my taste, but this was well balanced in my opinion. I think there was a good ratio of ganache and whiskey flavoring so the whiskey wasn’t too overpowering.

IMG_2849Passion fruit with dark chocolate. I’m always up for trying chocolate + fruit combos!

IMG_2850I wanted to see if Blüprint had their own pumpkin spice or pumpkin flavored chocolate, but they didn’t have any. Instead they had an apple flavored chocolate! I can’t remember what else was in this 😛 I personally haven’t seen any chocolate + apple combinations, so I hope to be able to find more in the future!

Ever since my view to the world of chocolate has been expanded, I love finding local chocolate shops and seeing what makes them unique. And it’s always a great sign when you walk into a chocolate shop and you can see that they make their own chocolates on site. It tells me how serious they are about their chocolate and I feel like I can trust their quality 🙂

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