For chocolate on-the-go, I LOVE Droste pastilles!!! I remember years ago when I was little my parents introduced these to my siblings and I to these little pieces of yummyness, but it wasn’t until I was in college when I discovered how important they would become to me.

My last year of college was especially stressful. I was packing in as many extra courses as I could to graduate on time yet include a minor or two under my degree and an independent study.  I tried to always keep chocolate in my bag so that during lectures and while running in between classes I could have some much needed stress relief. Chocolate helped me pull through!

The thing was that during warmer months it became difficult to keep chocolate nearby without it melting all over the inside of my bag. I remember having many frustrating days when I’d find a mushy bar or having to wipe traces of chocolate carnage from the interior of my bag.

Then I learned that Droste for some reason didn’t melt as quickly as other chocolates! The packaging was different in that the chocolate pastilles were kept in a foil wrapper and then tucked inside of a box. That’s not the case in my picture above, but most Droste I’ve seen are double-protected like that. I don’t know if that method of wrapping helped insulate it better, but what mattered was that there was no meltyness going on and I was very, very happy to have intact chocolate 🙂


As the packaging says, this is Dutch chocolate. Lately the more I’ve been learning about Dutch chocolates, the more I fall in love with them over any other chocolates out there. I recently raved about De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles, and now I’ve shared Droste 🙂

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