Karam Bitter


I was wandering through Yas Bakery one day exploring what they had. I was keeping an eye out for chocolates I might not have tried before. After seeing no chocolate in sight and feeling disappointed, I wandered to their register counter to purchase whatever else I had gathered. Then I noticed that below the counter there was a hidden stash of goodies. 

Karam Bitter was one of those treasures. This was the first time I’ve seen a chocolate bar with pistachios in it!


My guess looking at the back of the wrapper was this was Turkish. I tried Googling Karam Bitter to double check. The top search result brought me to a website where a little box popped up at the top of my screen saying everything was in Turkish. With that out of the way, I unwrapped the chocolate to find a very sad discovery.


It was pretty melted 🙁


Melted chocolate makes me very sad, by the way 😛 I have a story about melted chocolate, but I will have to share that another time.


After getting over the sadness, I finally tasted it. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it. But the longer I chewed it, the more I got a taste of the smooth, slightly sweet dark chocolate and of the pistachio flavor. I wouldn’t say this is bitter as it says on the wrapper, but maybe the melting might have had an affect?

I can’t say I’m in love with this bar, but I am definitely liking that it exclusively has pistachio as its add-in. Has anyone else seen chocolate only has pistachios in it???

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