Ikea Chocolate


This past weekend an unplanned trip to Ikea happened. I didn’t walk out with any furniture in my hands. Nor did I get any home decor goodies…

I walked out with chocolate!!!

The last time I went to Ikea their chocolate wrapping was a little different so I didn’t quite recognize them at first as being the same. I’m sad they only have three varieties to choose from, but I made sure to grab one of each for sampling.


Since I always love milk chocolate with hazelnut, I consumed that one first. I really liked it! For a super cheap chocolate bar, it was not bad at all!

The milk chocolate was ok, but I wish it had something else mixed in there like berries.

The dark chocolate I did not like 🙁 I guess you could say, “Lori, what do you expect from a 99 cent chocolate bar??” But since I liked the hazelnut, I had my hopes for the dark chocolate. This one tasted like it was asking for cocoa nibs or coffee beans to be mixed into it. It had the right bitterness to make you think it was pretty decent, but having something extra there would definitely give it a thumbs up.

Overall, I would have picked up a lot more of those hazelnut bars. The milk and dark chocolate were more meh for me, but kudos to Ikea for making the effort.

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