Meiji Black Chocolate


I found this at HMart (and Asian grocery store) while I was waiting in line and I knew that I HAD to try it! I’ve tried other chocolates by Meiji, and this was one I hadn’t seen before.


I love the detail I’ve seen in the packaging of some Japanese products. Like how the chocolate pieces in this box is individually wrapped to look like mini gold nuggets. I’ve heard that individually wrapping sweets is meant to support portion control, but it doesn’t take much energy to unwrap piece after piece XD


Since the box says “black” on it, I’m guessing that this is supposed to be dark chocolate, but it tastes like a combination of dark and milk chocolate. It’s not bitter enough to be all dark chocolate, but not sweet enough to be all milk chocolate. When I first took a bite, the flavor was very familiar! I couldn’t put my finger on it right away, but if I remember correctly, the combination seems similar to the Droste Pastille half milk – half dark chocolate wafers.

A long time ago I had directly ordered from Japan a chocolate bar containing green tea. The bar itself was literally green in color, and you could immediately taste the bitterness of the tea (I’m guessing a kind of matcha tea was used?). I can’t remember if it was also by Meiji, but I hope I can find it again so I can talk about it here 🙂 I will definitely at some point talk about Dolfin’s milk chocolate bar with green tea. Theirs isn’t green in color, but it is one of my top favorite chocolate bars and I’m looking forward to sharing more about it!

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